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Hullo Jinja City, we are proud to introduce to you Jinja City Magazine that many have waited for quite a long time. In this magazine we shall be writing more about tourism and personalities in our city in order for our dear reader to have a choice to either visit the various tourism sites or just get detailed information about them. On the other side of personalities, we shall be writing about their background in our segment named “star profile” and our target is to inspire people out there not to lose hope but to keep going. Our entertainment industry has been closed for a while and most people are desperate for what to do, some have wealthy ideas but capital is an issue and that is why we shall also be compiling for you individuals who have been able to establish big brands in Jinja City with very little income or capital and are currently successful and dependable.
Our target is to see that our city prospers and people in it are able to earn big and live a better happy life that is why we shall be communicating through our magazine a number of issues so that people concerned in various sectors read and if possible respond immediately. The magazine was made to be a monthly print but due to a number of circumstances we shall be having a quarterly print (after every four months). We still welcome ideas from everyone through our various platforms and we also encourage people to advertise their products and brands (businesses) with us because our rates are so favorable and negotiable.
Our area of coverage is the whole of Busoga region i.e. Jinja, Iganga, Kamuli, Bugiri, Mayuge, Kaliro, Luuka, Buyende, Namayingo, Namutumba, and we hope to widen our market soon to the whole of eastern Uganda and later nationwide especially in all game parks or wild life centers, Entebbe international airport, and many more tourist centers.
Jinja City Magazine is in the process of partnering with all media houses in the region both Televisions and Radios. In that, sometimes content is gathered from presenters of media houses without having any sides for the sake of being accurate, transparent and consistent. This will help the magazine increase its mileage out there. We shall also involve media tours as a magazine on different radios and Television programs where our fans will have a chance to win goods branded in the names of Jinja City Magazine like caps, T-shirts, Bikes, Households, and so many other things so just follow us or you can even win through answering questioners in the magazine and follow prompts
Our team have been so busy trying to have different views about the past editions from clients who advertise with us and our dear reader and the majority have been giving positive feedback. They also say that the cost of the magazine is so affordable and they are proud to have a brand of their own which creates a sense of belonging.
We would like also to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so hard that Jinja Municipality turns into a city because with a city status we expect a lot of development with quality with better services and we are glad to be part of seeing our city move to higher heights.
As Jinja City Magazine, we held a launch of our third edition on 24th October, 2021 at Café 49 Restaurant wing and the attendance was strictly by the invitation in order to observe S.O. Ps of Covid-19 set by the ministry of health to keep each of us safe. we also held events where our dear fans get to meet and discuss ideas plus having fun.

Jinja City Magazine is willing to work or to offer services to anyone regardless of their political belief, age, religion, income status or tribe since we are here to create unity and prosperity in our society. We thank the al might God for granting us wisdom and encourage the keep the project moving and being welcomed and embarrassed by our dear leaders hence the sky is the limit because we still have more in stock for you so just keep buying and reading. The journey keeps on as long as you entrust us with your eyes and minds as we shall not disappoint you. So tell a friend to tell a friend to kindly get a copy of a Jinja City Magazine and you will never be the same again.
For those who have news of gossip about our celebrities, you can contact us on 0757861942 |0773072728 or various social media platforms. If you want your ceremony to appear in our magazine, you can invite us and our photographers take photos that be learn for example weddings, introductions, Kukyaala, Birthdays, Music concerts, Graduations, and so many others. We can also profile brands like companies or individuals who have issues they need the world to get to know (PR). As a magazine we also do events organizations like Bivulus, Red carpet events and talent promotion and hope to open up a production house for both videography and audio recording.
Finally, as Jinja City Magazine we would like to this opportunity to thank everyone who attends our events in person and those who contributes to the success of the event especially people like Mr. Mutyabule James aka Foda Man, City Mega Mix, Mr. Wilson Dhikusoka aka Wivo, Land Sojja, Mr. Meddie Designer Events Director Unity Modelling Agency, Mr. Kalyoowa Atanansi of Next Music, Alfa Tymz, Paul Kalumba, Stragogo Genius, Walvex Promoter, Andy Bash, Josh Ku Mapesa, Carlo (CEO Tweyagale Beauty Saloon), Mr. Mugenyi Nicholas of Moniq Music and all Musicians under his music label like Shomigo, Sky Vocal, Sunryz plus the management of Café 49 Restaurant and so many other people we have not been able to mention.